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LiveBarn Streaming

Watch your favorite hockey player LIVE using LiveBarn!

What do you do if you have to be away from LAHA and your skater is playing in a Game? Do the Grandparents live in a location which precludes them from attending LAHA in person to see your skater's game or competitions? Do you want to see what is going on during practice and other matters at Lakes Ice Arena while you are away?

Well we now have the answers, LiveBarn!

For the cost of a roll of tape and a skate sharpening, you'll be able to watch games/practices from Lakes Ice Arena and any other LiveBarn rink - Live & On Demand. Members can share great moments to social media/email, and can also submit highlights to be considered for LiveBarn's Play of the Week. 

LiveBarn provides online broadcasts of hockey games at many rinks across the US & Canada. Games are broadcast both live and via on-demand replay. This service allows Friends & Family to watch online when they cannot attend a game. Athletes and coaches have the benefit of reviewing their games and sharing video highlights online or downloading full games for archival purposes. 

LiveBarn is available via a monthly subscriptions basis for either $14.95 or $24.95/month.

10% DISCOUNT - PROMO CODE: 9309-0efc

Lakes Ice Arena is a LiveBarn Venue.  If you can’t make it to the rink, you can still stay connected by watching all events Live and On Demand.

  • Live stream events from any LiveBarn venue
  • Watch On Demand for 30 days
  • Save and share 30-second highlights
  • Download entire games/practices

LiveBarn is available via a monthly or annual subscription:

  • Save 10% when you use promo code: 9309-0efc
  • Existing subscribers can update their promo code to 9309-0efc within their profile 

LiveBarn Venue Map

For more information, visit  Download the LiveBarn iOS App for easiest mobile viewing on Apple devices (Android App coming soon).

Follow LiveBarn on Twitter (@LiveBarn), Facebook (@LiveBarnSports), Instagram (@LiveBarnSports) and YouTube (@LiveBarn).

Instructions for Viewing, Sharing or Downloading Games:

1. Create a LiveBarn account using the Lakes Ice Arena promo code: 9309-0efc

*Premium account for downloading, standard account for sharing*

2. Search for your rink using "Lakes Ice Arena" and select rink.

3. Select Live to begin watching live action or On Demand for past games or to share/download clips. 

4. Select For On Demand, select date and time Live to begin watching live action or On Demand for past games or to share/download clips. 

  • To Share: Pause video at time you would like 30-second clip to STOP, select social media, share provided link.
  • To Download: Pause video, select download, press both download buttons and 30-minute video will download to your computer (for full game select multiple 30 minute sections)